We are a young company in the food packaging section. Founded in 2017, but with more than 30 years of experience in food packaging. We offer environmental friendly packaging solutions with a social focus and a world wide network of OEM factories. In the past, we lead sustainable and environmental friendly market trends.

Owner of Woodland-Packaging is Martin Weber. He collected decades of professional know-how as CEO of Pacovis Germany, owner of MaWe-Pack, sales manager at Veriplast, Bellaplast and Linpac, product manager at Thermohauser and much more.

MaWe-Pack was the first packaging company in Germany which created a product portfolio in sustainable packaging made out of natural resources.

Our USP - Unique selling point

As a system supplier, we are able to pack foods in sustainable and compostable packaging with a modified atmosphere. Contact us, if you are interested!


We pay attention to:

  • Environment and resource protection in the entire value-added chain.
  • Social responsibility and fair treatment of ALL stakeholders
  • At least, compliance with all legal conditions regarding minimum wage, safety at work, child labor and working hours.

Factories of our partners for wooden and bagasse products, as well as BioPap are located in Europe or North Africa. Our palm leafs are produced in India.

Finally, we are happy to support you with our know-how!